From the Desk of the Chairman

During the last few decades, the world has witnessed the advancements in the realm of medical science and technology, primarily because of the amalgamation of medical science and engineering. The need of professionals, who are well versed in both the domains, emerges as the utmost requirements considering the challenges posted by Medical Science today. With the mission in our hands, the school of Medical Science and Technology appeared as the first and also the "only" of its kind in the country to have doctors, scientists and engineers to work collaboratively on various projects. The school provides an excellent platform where engineers, doctors, biologists and researchers from various disciplines can interact and work to sever the mankind to the best of their potential. At present the school has three faculty members in Medical Biotechnology group from Bio-science background, two from medical background, two in Biomedical instrumentation and signal processing with engineering background, one in Bio-MEMS from Physics background and one in Bio-materials from Chemistry background and one in Medical Informatics and Bio-statistics from Mathematics background. From a small beginning in 2002 with 2 faculty members (along with faculty members from biomedical fields in other departments) and 8 students the department has progressed considerably over the years. It now has 9 full-time faculty members and several associated faculty and experts from the other departments of IIT and also from other research and medical institutes.

It has now around 50 research scholars (seventy percent of them are funded from sponsored research funds) and 30 post graduate students working in 9 well equipped laboratories. The research output in terms of sponsored projects and publications in international journals have increased almost exponentially and are now comparable to any good department in the country. The foundation course of the school is the six semester MMST program for M.B.B.S doctors which is a interdisciplinary 3 years Master program in Medical Science and Technology (MMST), on the basis of the performance in the entrance test all over the country. The MMST program offered by the School is the only comprehensive physician-scientist training program in India. Both the course aim to bridge the gap that has historical separated biological science from engineering and physical sciences. The other programs offered by the school, are in Medical Imaging, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Science (MS). Within a very short span of time, we have made repaid strides developing world class infrastructure. Full-fledged labs have been established to render students the best of the facilities in the fields of Medical Biotechnology, Medical Imaging & Image Processing, Medical Instrumentation, Bio-MEMS, Telemedicine, Medical Statistics & Informatics, Biomaterials, r-DNA Technology, Tissue Engineering, Cancer Biology and Herbal Medicine. The collaborations with many industries, Hospitals and International Universities provide us the impetus to develop cutting - edge technology for the future. Our students are the most valuable resource that we process. It is their contribution through the projects that enable us run many challenging industrial and Government sponsored research projects. They are exposed to sophisticated analytical and experimental tools through this process. I have no doubt in saying that their skills will be immensely useful in solving problems in the fields of healthcare technology enhancement in the Hospital and research and development in various research laboratories. The MMST students also perform regular clinical duty in B.C.Roy Technology hospital of IIT Kharagpur. At SMST, apart from the routine course work, extra- curricular activities are also very much encouraged and appreciated. Students have actively participated to organize short term courses and health care awareness camps Students also participate in sports and various rious other social activities in the institute and hold responsible positions there.

About our Chairman of the Department