Budhaditya Mukherjee


Research Statement

We are new group focusing on different aspects of infectious intracellular protozoan pathogens using LeishmaniaToxoplasma and Plasmodium as model system.  My research has always focused on different immunological and cellular aspects of parasite biology, that enables these intracellular pathogens to survive within the hostile host enviornment. My scholarship has rendered around theories and methods of protozoan parasitic diseases with applications to clinical importance. We have contributed significantly in the field of drug resistance leishmaniasis one of the major emerging problem for India with new cases reported every year. For a better understanding of protozoan mediated infectious disease I started working on Plasmodium and Toxoplasma causative agents of Malaria & Toxoplasmosis as an EMBO-Post-doctoral fellow. My post-doctoral scholarship primarily articulate in successfully characterized key factors involved in establishing successful infection and dissemination of apicomplexan parasites into or out of the host. During this peroid I also  managed a collaborative project with industrial partner UCB Pharma S.A and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) to design biochemical assays for therapeutic development.
My research interest is interdisciplinary in nature, and our lab want to explore the possibility to establish a potent CRISPR-Cas9 based genome editing techniques in protozoan biology, which in turn could be implemented in characterization of key components of disease pathogenesis & intra/inter species-transmission of these intracellular pathogens. Another focus of the lab would be to develop biochemical assays for activity-based protein profiling to study parasite biology with a particular view of developing them with potential translational value for pharma industries. This should also serve as the base to challenge the existing problem of drug resistance and absence of vaccine, and help in designing of novel drug targets against these pathogens which currently is affecting a huge part of population each year.


  • 1 Infectious protozoan pathogens
  • 2 Immunobiology & Cell biology
  • 3 Host-Parasite interaction
  • 4 Cell Signaling
  • 5 Biochemical assay development


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  • Identification and Characterization of Proteins Involved in Transmission Machinery of Protozoan Pathogens


  • Pfizer Research Award in the area of infectious diseases, rheumatology and immunology
  • INSA Medal for Young Scientist
  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship
  • EMBO long term European Fellowship
  • ParaFrap International Fellowship
  • CSIR, India, National Eligibility Test (NET) PhD Fellowship


  • iMEdiX to A multi-tier secure modular system for telemedicine and e-healthcare
  • A process for fabrication of customized ceramic products by CNC machining of green ceramics compacts using diamond impregnated tool
  • A process for Production of Collagen and By-Products from Fresh Water Fish Origin and Applications
  • In situ iodination with amine/hydroxyl derivatives for non-invasive imaging and other applications thereof
  • Hybrid composite scaffold preparation and application thereof
  • Radiopaque surgical suture, mesh, stent and glue with antimicrobial property
  • Net Shape Forming via Plastic Dough Processing of Polymer-Metal Powder Blend and applications thereof
  • Long term cell tracking with inherent reactive oxygen species scavenging using biomass derived carbon nanodots (CNDs) and application thereof
  • Long term cell tracking with inherent reactive oxygen species scavenging using biomass derived carbon nanodots (CNDs) and application thereof
  • ‘Net Shape Forming via Plastic Dough Processing of Polymer-Metal Powder Blend and applications thereof’
  • Buckling assisted and lithographically micropatterned highly flexible sensors over pre-stretched surface engineered elastomers
  • iMEdiX to A multi-tier secure modular system for telemedicine and e-healthcare : Filed (Ref : )

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