Debashree Guha Adhya


Research Statement

I actively research in qualitative and quantitative decision making, medical decision making, data aggregation and their applications in medical, fuzzy logic, and uncertainty modelling. I am working on developing tools and techniques for building efficient decision support system for health care development. In particular, I develop novel information fusion strategies by modeling interaction among data, analyze information measures to extract knowledge of uncertain data and use them in modelling physical system, solve medical decision problem when the knowledge is available in the form of fuzzy rules, design web-based medical diagnostic support system. I also analyzed the pattern of hierarchical data.


  • 1 Operations Research (OR)
  • 2 Multi-criteria decision making
  • 3 Data aggregation and its applications
  • 4 Uncertain Data Handling
  • 5 MCDM Applications in Healthcare


  • Das S., Adhya D. G., Mesiar R, Information measures in the intuitionistic fuzzy framework and their relationships, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 26, 1626-1637, 2018
  • Das S., Adhya D. G., Mesiar R., Extended Bonferroni mean under intuitionistic fuzzy environment based on a strict t-conorm, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 47, 2017


  • Pathology on a Spinning Disc

Research Group

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Swati Rani Hait
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