Jyotirmoy Chatterjee


Research Statement

Knowledge the Continuum’in understanding ‘homeostatic thresholds of life’ in the context of  health & disease. Life is manifested in ‘multiple modes and scales’ to form ‘complex patterns’Nourishing logically  ‘Knowledge the Continuum’ with all sorts of available domain knowledge (applied, abstract, intuitive) through path of multi-disciplinary integration. Living systems become more complex essentially through the trauma connotation path. Transformation of trauma into intelligence essentially entails the embodiment of evolving systemic consciousness from the interplay of co-occurring cooperation and competition within certain thresholds which are irreversibly impaired in non-healing diseases.  Systemically evolved consciousness may be comprehended in depth  through more interaction with ‘mathematical abstractions’ and ‘astronomical studies’. This understanding about health and disease can be utilized to explore early diagnostic/ theranostic signatures and in developing effective therapeutic strategy /tools as well as for disease prevention. Overall  this approach cultivates both fundamental and translational dimensions in medical/biomedical research.Enriched with this concept our interdisciplinary research work in the field of early diagnosis of malignant potetiality of pre-cancer/ cancer, healing of  diabetic/non-healing wounds, regenerative medicines, honey as a systemic healer and Yoga-Naturopathy.In the research activity it involves in vitro and in vivo studies through employing multimodal molecular/spectroscopic/ microscopic/sub-surface/ transbody imaging and analysis, regeneratve medicine approaches with special application of honey-biomaterial based constructs/film/gels.


  • 1 Oral Pre-cancer Therapeutic Patch Dev.
  • 2 Wound Healing & Honey
  • 3 Stem cells Diffe. & Honey based Matrix
  • 4 Multi-modal Imaging on Oral cancer Diag
  • 5 Lung Cancer & Diabetic Retinopathy Diag


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  • Investigating the Role of Microtubule Regulations by Fidgetin in Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Cancer Cell Motility
  • Developing Functional Skin Construct with Embedded Pericytes: Potential for Vascularization
  • Revealing Structural and Bio-Molecular Basis of Ayurvedic Biology in Diabetic Wound Healing under Characteristics Madhu (Honey) and Ghruta (Cow Ghee)
  • Stem Cell Conductive Honey-Biomaterial Blended Regenerative Healing Scaffold (ICG_2017)
  • Multimodal Evaluation of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Trans-differentiation into Epithelial Ceils Under Honey Based Bio-matrix
  • Ultra Low Cost Honey - Silk Fibroin Therapeutic Patches for Control of Oral Cancer Recurrence
  • Integrated application of multimodal optical coherence tomography and multispectral imaging for spatio-functional characterization of skin towards in vivo histology (SGIRG)
  • Integrated application of multimodal optical coherence tomography and multispectral imaging for spatio-functional characterization of skin towards in vivo histology
  • Noninvasive characterization of healing and nonhealing wounds and development of honey-biomaterial and stem cell based wound therapy
  • Multimodal and multi-scale imaging for early diagnosis and interventional management of oral pre-cancers and cancer
  • Structural and molecular characterization of cutaneous cell behaviour under varied physico-chemical ambience towards improving skin tissue engineering practices.
  • An Electrochemical Sensor Based Handheld Potentiostat to Measure Urea/Creatinine Ratio in Blood and Urine
  • Signals & systems for life science


  • Chairman, Ethical Comm. GNIDSR


  • Tea based hydrogel preparation and application thereof
  • A Novel Function for Attenuation Coefficient Mapping of Swept Source - Optical Coherence Tomograms (SS-OCT) of Skin and Oral Mucosa
  • Adaptive weighted-local-difference order statistics filters : Granted

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Bio-material fabric for healing applications
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Cell Bio-matrix Interaction in Healing
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Correlated Multi-modal Imaging and Analysis of Oral Pre-cancer/ Cancer
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Multimodal Characterization of Wounds
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Nanomaterial based molecular imaging and microfluidics
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Interface between cancer and regeneration
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Multi modal characterisation of tissues and cells in wound healing and cancer as well as under interventions
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Computational Multimodal Imaging of Tissues in Health and Disease
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