Nishant Chakravorty


Research Statement

If life is a story, then genetics is its language. Surprisingly, the script for this language, has only four alphabets (A, G, C and T for DNA and A, G, C and U for RNA). This simplicity ingrained in the most complex language of the mortal world has always baffled me as a scientist. I am primarily interested in decrypting the script of life and mastering it modulate health and disease. Decoding the secret language will allow us to develop newer strategies to counter pathophysiological challenges in human beings by encoding and packaging new information in life?s own language. My earlier work involved studying the role of small RNA molecules (known as microRNAs) in the interactions of bone cells with microroughened titanium implant surfaces. Presently I am developing a research lab in the field of regenerative medicine wherein I?ll be using molecular biology tools to study human pathophysiological conditions and attempt to identify therapeutic tools.


  • 1 Regenerative Medicine
  • 2 Clinical Research
  • 3 Bone Regeneration & Bone Tissue Engineering


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  • A Biomimetic ECM Protein-based Bioadhesive Graft Copolymer for Implants - Targeting Enhanced Soft Tissue Integration and Osseointegration
  • MicroRNA based Reprogramming of Fetal Hemoglobin in Beta-Thalassemia
  • MHC Haplotypes in HBE/Beta Thalassemia: Correlating Disease Heterogeneity and Blood Transfusion Requirements in West Bengal
  • Development of a Portable Decision Support Tool for Screening and Refferal of High Risk Antenatal Cases at Household Level by Community Health Workers


  • Inst. Silv. Med.,IIT Kgp
  • Outstand.Doc.Thesis (SEF, QUT)
  • Outstand HDR stud. (SEF, QUT)
  • Young Sci.Amb.,ATSE, Australia

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Implants and osseointegration
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Development of a bioadhesive material for medical applications
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New Approaches to Manage Beta-thalassemia
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Toxoplasma infection in Thalassemia
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