Praphulla Chandra Shukla


Research Statement

We're new and evolving group, working on the areas of cell and molecular biology, medicine and genomics. 

Work is related to long-standing and current problems in: 
Molecular cardiology and vascular biology (Key words: heart failure, inflammation & atherosclerosis, apoptosis & novel modes of cell death, cardiac remodeling, regeneration, immunobiology of heart and vessels, non-coding RNAs) This involves from in vitro to in vivo modeling of heart related diseases. With the use of various primary cells and cell lines, genetically modified mice and surgery, we induce diseases & pathologically similar conditions to study cardiovascular problems at cellular level. 
Developmental biology (cardiac and vascular development during embryogenesis) With timed mating protocols and by using genetically modified mice, our focus is to study genes in cardiac development and diseases.


  • 1 Atherosclerosis and non-coding RNAs
  • 2 Immune interaction in heart and vessels
  • 3 Heart failure and vascular biology


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  • Praphulla Chandra Shukla,, Please click the file to get all the articles


  • Deubiquitinases in endothelial function
  • Endothelial Function and Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia in SARS-CoV2
  • Identification of Non-coding RNAs Regulation MLKL/RIPK3 Pathway in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells: Role of Novel Non-coding RNAs in VSMC Necroptosis
  • MicroRNA based Reprogramming of Fetal Hemoglobin in Beta-Thalassemia
  • HC Haplotypes in HBE/Beta Thalassemia: Correlating Disease Heterogeneity and Blood Transfusion Requirements in West Bengal

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Basic Cardiovascular Biology
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Deubiquitinases in endothelial function
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Cardiovascular pathophysiology