Research Highlight Details

Bone Grafts via Bio-mimetic Approach

Patent Filing No.: 983/KOL/2014
Award won
DST Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program Award 2015.

Advantages of this technology
(1) Innovation is related to design and fabrication of composite scaffold via combinatorial approach towards bone regeneration.
(2) Customized bone graft prepared in minimal processing steps with cost effective method.
(3) Raw materials for both the phases are natural origin and biological waste.
(4) Combination of two different phases and their organization can be varied with analogues to the targeted bone.
(5) Composite scaffolds have nano-micro architecture with bone like structural hierarchy.
(6) Prepared scaffold is bioactive, resorbable, osteoinductive and osteogenic.

Brief description
Healing of complicated bone fractures, fibrous non-unions and severe trauma require additional support material as template to aid the healing process. Material selection and template design depend on physico-mechanical properties of bone/tissues and their regeneration kinetics. Calcium phosphate (CaP) based hybrid composite with non-collagenous polymer (NCP) scaffold becomes a promising approach for bone graft replacement due its structural and functional characteristics relevant to musculoskeletal tissue.