Conference Publications

# Publications by Koel Chaudhury
1 Chaudhury K., Choudhury P. , Ghosh N. , Joshi M. , Bhattacharyya P, NMR serum metabolomics for understanding the pathophysiology of COPD associated PH: A pilot study, European Respiratory Society Congress, 2018
2 Chaudhury K., Roychoudhury S. , Joshi M. , Chakravarty B., Serum metabolic signatures differentiate women with repeated embryo implantation failure from recurrent implantation success, International Conference of the Metabolomics Society, 2018
3 Point of Care Application by Kare S. P., Das D. , Chaudhury K. , Das S., Fabrication of Cost-effective and Lithographically Patterned Flexible Paper-based Microfluidic Device using Photo-PDMS for Point of Care Application, 26th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors, 2016