Sponsored Projects

Sl Title Funding Agent Pi/s
1 Direct printing of bioresorbable radiopaque polymeric stent: A novel approach for lumen stricture MHRD PI: Santanu Dhara
2 Fabrication of Hydroxyapatite discs ITC Limited PI: Santanu Dhara
3 Development of dense and porous Titanium components via powder metallurgy route for biomedical applications Life Sciences Research Board PI: Santanu Dhara
4 Signals & systems for life science MHRD Consultants: Santanu Dhara
5 Micro/Nano manufacturing and characterization facility for robotics in nano-scale manipulation IIT KHARAGPUR Consultants: Santanu Dhara
6 Miniature active device for guidance of intracoronary Angioplasty wires, Catheters & Stents MHRD Consultants: Santanu Dhara
7 Fabrication of Hydroxyapatite discs ITC Limited Consultants: Santanu Dhara
8 Involvement of functional single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) gene promoters in the cell type specific regulation of human MMPs: intrinsic genetic characteristics in cancer cell progression DBT, NEW DELHI Consultants: Santanu Dhara