Sponsored Projects

Sl Title Funding Agent Pi/s
1 BTNL2, a Novel T Cell Coinhibitory Molecule, as a Therapeutic Target in Ulcerative Colitis DBT, NEW DELHI PI: Gayatri Mukherjee
2 Development of Antigen specific Cell-free and Cell-based Novel Immunotherapeutic Strategies in Cancer Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) PI: Gayatri Mukherjee
3 MHC Haplotypes in HBE/Beta Thalassemia: Correlating Disease Heterogeneity and Blood Transfusion Requirements in West Bengal Department of Science and Technology and Biotechnology Consultants: Gayatri Mukherjee
4 Development of Cell-free Peptide-MHC Based Immunotherapeutic Reagent to Manipulate Cytotoxic T Cells in Cancer ISIRD, SRIC PI: Gayatri Mukherjee