Sponsored Projects

Sl Title Funding Agent Pi/s
1 A Biomimetic ECM Protein-based Bioadhesive Graft Copolymer for Implants - Targeting Enhanced Soft Tissue Integration and Osseointegration MHRD-STARS PI: Nishant Chakravorty
2 MicroRNA based Reprogramming of Fetal Hemoglobin in Beta-Thalassemia DBT, NEW DELHI PI: Nishant Chakravorty
3 MHC Haplotypes in HBE/Beta Thalassemia: Correlating Disease Heterogeneity and Blood Transfusion Requirements in West Bengal Department of Science and Technology and Biotechnology PI: Nishant Chakravorty
4 Development of a Portable Decision Support Tool for Screening and Refferal of High Risk Antenatal Cases at Household Level by Community Health Workers Ministry of Health and Family Welfare PI: Nishant Chakravorty